Collection: Swimwear Summer 2024

Let’s stroll by the sea. Marvel at the blooming bougainvilleas. Turn our faces toward the the sun.

Summer is here, and this is the moment we invite you to pause. Slow down. Take a second check in with yourself. To connect with your Creator. To bask in the beauty of all His gifts.

Our Summer 2024 collection is your sign to take that day off. Book that vacation you’ve been dreaming about. To rest without worry, to rest without guilt. Because sometimes we need to distance ourself from the busyness of our lives so that we can return to our days re-energized and re-inspired.

Coral Manila’s Summer 2024 collection borrows colors and patterns from nature.

The swimsuit cuts marry the practicality and preparedness of a woman who is wise, and the playfulness of a girl who just wants to look cute and have fun ;)

Feminine maillots, swim skirts and swim dresses for the beach, brunch, and beyond--all designed to provide comfort and coverage without compromising style.