Our Story
Coral Manila was launched in 2015, promising chic, comfortable, and stylish swimwear that provided adequate coverage. The styles were meant to give its wearer confidence in her own skin, and confidence to move without worrying about unwanted exposure!

Designed with you in mind, the swimsuit styles are meant to celebrate the wholeness of a woman and for all the ways she is beautiful!
Through fashionable clothing that uplifts and empowers, Coral Manila hopes to remind every woman that her dignity, worth, and genius is intrinsic in her.

Empowerment through dignified work and design has always been the core mission of the brand. And this holds true for all of Coral Manila's community—from the staff and sewers, down to the customers who continue to support the brand and enjoy wearing the clothes.

This is also why, when the worst hit the business last year, keeping the business afloat was imperative. Like many other local brands and businesses, Coral and Pearl didn't make it through 2020 without challenges. Summer is, of course, Coral Swimwear's best season, and the community lockdowns were imposed at its onset, in mid-March last year.

In order to keep moving forward, Pat and Margaux, together with its team of sewers, strived to learn to make new things. They made PPEs and masks, and launched a faith-based brand called Maris Handmade which offered Marian dolls and Holy Family doll sets, as one of the ways in order to continue working, and selling, and surviving—as well as keep the faith.

Thankfully, the community responded and the overwhelming support made it possible for Coral Manila to continue to this day, and most of all, continue to provide employment and livelihood to its staff and sewers (thank you!). 2020 was truly a challenging year, yet also full of blessings.

Coral Manila was founded by Pat and Margaux, long-time friends who’ve shared in a journey of fashion, faith, and raising their families, alongside growing the business. Since launching the brand in 2015, they’ve worked with a small team of sewers and staff who are based in Cainta, Rizal.

Pat and Margaux set up shop in Cainta in order to be close to the sewers’ homes. This was decided so that the sewers can easily get to and from work, and even bring their children with them, if in case there’s no one around to look after them at home. As mothers themselves, Pat and Margaux understood the importance of prioritizing the family and wanted to support their staff and sewers in the same way, too.

Coral Manila’s sewers are also the proud breadwinners of their families, and each of them have their own unique success stories to tell. Other than learning to make clothes, they’ve also experienced the fulfillment of earning their own money and managing their income to provide for their families well. It is also in these stories of hope that the Coral Manila team strives to make it through these challenging times, continue its mission, and move forward to better days ahead.